What to do in case your dog has ticks?

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What to do in case your dog has ticks?
What to do in case your dog has ticks?

12 Sep 2021: What to do in case your dog has ticks?

Pets are much loved in most families. They are indeed treated like a family member and so, when their health goes down, it is worrisome. Ticks found in the fur of dogs are a common problem, and if left untreated, can lead to severe infections. So it's better not to aggravate an issue when it can be detected and solved in the earliest stages.

Habits: Once back from walk, search for ticks, remove any immediately

A walk outside is the best time for your pooch, but the fear of ticks might prevent you from taking it out. Instead of stopping going out altogether, it's best to check for ticks once you both are back from a walk. Remove ticks with a tweezer the moment you spot them. Also, while bathing your pet, run your fingers thoroughly through the fur.

Tips: Dress up your dog properly in monsoons, keep environment clean

Dress up your dog with a raincoat or hoodie while on a walk during the monsoon. This will restrict ticks living on grass and in the woods from sticking to your dog. Keep indoor spaces, your dog's kennel, lawns, and backyards clean and tidy. Also, spray disinfectants to reduce flea/tick count. Use natural repellents like rose geranium oil and Tickweed to remove any ticks.

Experts' take: Look out for these signs in your dog

Experts say that if more than five ticks are found in a day, you should take your dog to a veterinarian without any delay. Observe if your dog has a fever, small bumps, frequent itching, is shaking the head a lot, and feels lethargic—these are signs of a possible tick infestation. Tick anti-serum IV works efficiently against tick bites in affected pets, say experts.

Fact: Have you heard of babesiosis, disease caused by infected ticks?

Babesiosis, usually seen in greyhounds and pit bull terriers, is a disease caused by ticks. If you notice an enlarged spleen, pale mucous membranes, and swollen lymph nodes, take your canine for a medical exam. Treatment of babesiosis is expensive, so prevention is the key.

Remedies: After removing the tick, apply rubbing alcohol to the spot

If a tick is not removed from your pet in 24-36 hours, the infection increases. Also, after removing them, apply rubbing alcohol to the spot. Ticks mostly linger around the mouth, neck, ears, groin, anus, or paws of the dog. Never remove the ticks with bare hands or squeeze them, because the bugs may then vomit on your dog's body and increase the infection.

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