Carrie Underwood uses bronzer to make her legs look sculpted

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood uses bronzer as a quick cheat to make her legs look sculpted.

The country singer has just released her debut health and wellbeing book, Find Your Path, along with her fitness app Fit52, which she co-developed with her personal trainer Eve Overland.

While Carrie tries to make sure she's active every day, she did reveal her top two tricks to make sure that she looks lean and muscular.

"First, I keep my macro numbers – which is your calories, carbs, and protein intake – in check," she told InStyle. "The second is a good self-tanner or body bronzer. I like Ofra Cosmetics’ RCK Body Glow, a tinted lotion with a bit of shimmer.

"If you want your legs to look toned, believe me, a little shimmer goes a long way.”

Carrie also opened up about her fitness regime, which has changed dramatically since hitting her thirties and having sons Isaiah, five, and Jacob, 13 months.

"I’ve definitely changed my approach to fitness as I’ve gotten older. In my twenties, I was all about cardio and anything that made me sweat. Now that I’m (almost) 37 and have two kids, I’m focused on getting the most out of my workout time," the Cry Pretty hitmaker explained, with leg presses and weighted squats being her favourite part of her gym sessions. "I do lower-impact exercises with higher weights, and I try to maximise each and every rep. These days it’s less about the burpees and sprinting around – my knees can’t always handle that!”

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