Carrie Underwood turns household chores into a quick workout

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood turns her household chores into exercise routines by adding in squats and lunges.

The country singer, who is gearing up for the release of her new wellbeing book, Find Your Path, and her Fit52 fitness app, revealed that since the birth of her two sons, Isaiah and Jacob, she's had to fit exercise into her day whenever she can.

"I weave fitness into my day. I always take the stairs, which firms your legs, and at home I'll do lunges as I go from one room to the next," she told U.S. magazine InStyle. "I turn it into a game, like if I'm picking up my kids' toys off the floor, I'll do a squat each time I lower myself down. These little moves keep up my energy, especially on days when I can't get in a full workout."

Carrie, 36, explained that moderation is key to her workouts, as some weeks she exercises seven days in a row, while other weeks, she'll only manage to hit the gym twice.

"I take the opportunity when I have it, knowing that some weeks I won't be able to exercise as much, because I am not the 5am workout type," the former American Idol winner explained. "I need my coffee and breakfast first."

And the singer, who is also vegan, confessed that she needs to switch up her workouts, depending on the season, otherwise she gets bored.

"I base it around what I naturally feel like doing during that time of year," she shared. "In the winter, when I just want to cosy up inside and eat carbs, I do mainly indoor exercises like weight lifting. Then, when the weather turns warm and I'm more motivated to get outside and be active."

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