Carrie Underwood Reveals a New Super-Sentimental Arm Tattoo

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Carrie Underwood Reveals a New Super-Sentimental Arm Tattoo

Carrie Underwood officially has a new tattoo in her (smol) collection: a delicate flower on her forearm—which she got while hanging with her sisters-in-law in Florida.

Carrie shared the tattoo with fans on Instagram, captioning the post "Sisters…not by blood…but sisters nonetheless. 💕God truly showed us great favor by putting us all together. These ladies are strong, kind and faithful and I’m so happy I get to do life with them!!! It’s true that you don’t get to choose your family, but if I could, I would choose these exact three women to be my sisters-in-law! From the beach to the tattoo parlor, Destin didn’t know what hit it! I love you ladies!!! #family #blessed #SistersInLaw."

Carrie's sisters-in-law also got tattoos with her on the trip—though they all picked out different designs, ranging from birds, to flowers, to a tiny star in white ink.

FYI, Carrie also has a four leaf clover on her lower stomach, and back in 2020, she told People, “It’s not really a four-leaf clover anymore, it’s a multi-leaf. It doesn’t match up with the top! And I think most people deal with this after a C-section, there’s like a little pooch over the scar. It’s something that I’m probably going to have forever."

There's also a black cat on her lower back, but as she put it to Redbook: "I was in college and got them done. They don't mean anything."

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