Carrie Underwood loves abiding by 'rules' of healthy eating plan

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood finds maintaining her health regimen easy as she "loves rules".

In a new interview with U.S. Women's Health magazine, the country music star opened up about her diet plan, and revealed she eats 45 per cent carbs, 30 per cent fat, and 25 per cent protein to maintain her figure.

"I love rules," she shared. "This is how I feel good about myself, and this is how I operate."

However, Carrie also confessed that her first tour after winning American Idol in 2005 sent her lifestyle off the rails and she struggled to maintain balance.

"I would 'fall off the wagon,' then feel terrible and repeat the cycle," the 36-year-old recalled, adding that she would sometimes eat as few as 800 calories a day. "Your body is screaming, 'I need more calories. I need more carbs!'"

Now, Carrie abides by a healthy vegetarian diet, comprised of lots of vegetables, berries, avocado, eggs, and smoothies.

Though the Cry Pretty singer also insisted that she will occasionally indulge in a slice of cake, dark chocolate, or glass of red wine while watching The Bachelor.

"I do have my vice... and it's red wine. It's good for my heart, right?!" she smiled.

Carrie is currently promoting Find Your Path: Honor Your Body, Fuel Your Soul, and Get Strong with the Fit52 Life. Based on her own routines, the book is filled with meal plans, recipes, weekly exercise programmes, and guidelines for keeping a weekly food and workout journal.

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