Carlos Chan never thought recording a song would be hard work

30 Jan – After recording a song for his new movie, "You Are The One", Carlos Chan realised that maybe singing is not as easy as he thought.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actor who spoke about his experience of recording the theme song during an interview alongside co-star Gladys Lee, said that he has always assumed that his singing voice was fine until he actually had to record it.

"Recording a song requires one to sing every verse multiple times. For one verse, I had to record 100 times. It was such a setback," he said.

Asked if it has crushed his desire to ever perform, Carlos said that it had instead made him addicted.

"After doing it, I feel like I have already learned all the tricks," he added.

Nonetheless, the actor said that he has no intention to release his own album and become a real singer anytime soon, adding that he would be fine recording more theme songs in the future instead.

On the other hand, Carlos, who has been single for a year since breaking up with actress Jennifer Yu, stated that he is not in a hurry to find new romance.

"I rather enjoyed my single life, watching shows and eating on my own. My family isn't forcing me to get married either," he added.

(Photo Source: Carlos Chan Instagram)