Carlo Aquino admits he might have "led" Angelica Panganiban on

Heidi Hsia

14 Oct – Carlo Aquino recently admitted that he might have led Angelica Panganiban on when it comes to the previous issue surrounding their reconciliation, friendship and subsequent fall-out.

As reported on Inquirer, the actor, who spoke to Boy Abunda on his talk show about his previous relationship with Panganiban, stated that the actress has the right to feel hurt for what had happened between them, and that he will never deny her that.

"I should not stop that. That is why when she said those things and it reached me, I said it's okay," he said, referring to the actress' previous statement about not wanting to work with him again.

Aquino stated that while he did love the actress, he preferred that they stay friends - as he was afraid that she would get hurt again.

Asked if he might have led her on, Aquino hesitated before replying, "Maybe."

He also confirmed that his relationship with Trina Candaza - whom he was linked to prior to the fall-out with Panganiban - was part of the reason, saying that he and Candaza are currently together.

(Photo Source: Carlo Aquino Instagram)