Carina Lau not filming anything new for now

14 Nov – With several new movies yet to be released and husband Tony Leung to be managed, Carina Lau revealed that she is not filming a new project for the time being.

As reported on Singtao Daily, the actress, who spoke to the media at a charity dinner held at the Hong Kong's Four Seasons Hotel recently, stressed that her lack of new project has nothing to do with China's recent restrictions towards films and TV shows.

"I also have been attending many events and shooting some advertisements lately," she added.

Carina also revealed that she and Tony will not be celebrating Christmas overseas like they used to this time around, as her husband will be busy preparing for his Marvel movie, "Shang-Chi".

"But I will not be working with him. He has his own special training. I can just go hiking up the mountains," she said with a laugh.

On the other hand, Carina addressed rumours that she has sold her property in Shanghai, saying that the said property that has been reported was not hers as she doesn't have a lot of properties in mainland China.

"I only have on house in Shanghai and my mum is living there, so I will not putting it on sale," she added.

(Photo Source: Carina Lau Instagram)