Carina Lau denies Tony Leung is retiring from acting

13 Sep – Hong Kong actress Carina Lau has dismissed rumours that husband Tony Leung Chiu Wai is planning to retire from acting.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress who is currently the temporary manager for the award-winning actor, said that there is no truth to rumours that Tony is quitting showbiz, and that the actor is only facing a crossroad in his career.

"He is looking for the next direction in his career," she said.

It is noted that Tony previously revealed that he will be taking a long hiatus from work following the promotional tour of "Europe Raiders".

Carina also stated that she is currently on the lookout for a new manager for Tony, admitting that she is not the most suitable person to manage her husband's career.

"I just want to avoid quarrelling with him," she said, jokingly.

Carina has been managing Tony's career for the past three months since the actor ended his collaboration with Wong Kar Wai's company, Jettone.

(Photo Source: Carina Lau Instagram)