How to take care of your cotton, linen, woolen clothes?

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How to take care of your cotton, linen, woolen clothes?
How to take care of your cotton, linen, woolen clothes?

23 Sep 2021: How to take care of your cotton, linen, woolen clothes?

Different fabrics possess different properties. Like cotton is easy to take care of but needs proper ironing, while you may not iron linen and silk clothes because they could get burnt. We often scratch our heads wondering how to take care of our clothes depending on the fabric type. Look no further, because in this article we suggest you some tips for the same.

Cotton: Cotton fabric: A simple detergent wash is enough

Cotton is everyone's favorite fabric. It is comfortable, light, and easy to wear. Taking care of cotton outfits is also not that difficult. Warm or normal water wash with the prescribed amount of detergent powder is all it takes to clean your cottonwear. You can use hot water for cotton pants, depending on the percentage of cotton in them. Always consult the care label.

Linen, silk: Linen and silk: Delicate fabric types, need special care

Linen is a sensitive fabric and high-temperature washes (>60 degrees Celsius) and hot water aren't suitable for it. Always separate white linen from colored ones. Also remember, linen consumes more water. Further, tumble drying is a strict no-no for this fabric type as it makes linen wrinkly. For silk clothes, go for a hand wash. Use gentle soap and do not iron them.

Other fabrics: Wool, synthetic, nylon fabrics: Different washing procedures for different types

Taking care of your woolen clothes is easy as long as you are not washing them frequently. That's right! Your sweaters and other items made of wool need a wash once every 7-10 days. Before washing, soak these clothes in cold water and use specific detergent. Meanwhile, synthetic fabrics are easy to wash. You can also tumble dry. Use softening detergents for nylon clothes.

Suggestions: A few general tips to take care of your clothes

-Always check for how-to-wash labels on your shirts, T-shirts, and pants. Never neglect the instructions provided on the label as those are from the manufacturer of the fabric. -Purchase durable clothes that are easy to maintain and require little care. -Unless your dresses have an old smell or marks of sweat, do not overwash them. -Remember not all fabrics have the same upkeep procedures.

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