Captain America: Civil War Has An Amazing Arrested Development Easter Egg

Eagle-eyed cinema-goers have spotted an incredible easter egg in Marvel’s latest superhero epic, ‘Captain America: Civil War’, relating to cult classic TV comedy 'Arrested Development’.

In the background of the film’s central airport battle, a stair car can be seen in the background that looks remarkably similar to the one owned by the Bluth family.

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It appears, as you can see below, in the background as Ant-Man talks to Captain America about a plan he’s concocted to turn the tide of the film’s fight between Team Cap and Team Iron Man.

Directors Anthony and Joe Russo directed five episodes - including the pilot - of the show which ran for three seasons on Fox before being cancelled, much to the horror of fans. Netflix commissioned a fourth season, which was released in 2013.

Many fans were quicker to spot the reference than us (our apologies for not bringing you this important news sooner), taking to Twitter to point it out.

The Russos have a history of referencing their past work. In 'Captain America: The Winter Solider’ Danny Pudi enjoyed a small role. Pudi played Abed on hit US comedy 'Community’ - which the Russos directed 14 episodes of.

The question now is: what will the Russos include in 'Avengers: Infinity War’ parts one and two? Will we discover Tobias Fünke was a Kree the whole time? Only time will tell.

Picture Credits: Marvel Studios / Fox