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Saturday 18, January

The Moon lights up your house of friends and long-term goals for one more day. This is excellent for focusing on the people who truly get your vision, and those who not only want to support you, but want to also back your mission. It's time to pull in your A-team, darling. Your plans are too big to go solo.

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Friday 17, January

The Moon and Mercury are in a tense angle today causing some interesting stress and/or the potential for genius. It all depends on how you tap into the energy. Avoid worry and allow the erratic and unexpected breakthroughs or plot twists to flow without trying to control them, darling.

Thursday 16, January

The planet ruling all matters of communication is leaving your stars today. This will give you a bit of a reprieve from the recent overthinking and mind overload in general. The new focus is on your money and experimenting with new ways of upping your cash flow. You're at your most brilliant when you go outside of the lines.

Wednesday 15, January

The Moon is moving up to the very top of your chart this evening to highlight your career goals over the next few days. You're starting to kick into gear for your bigger vision for 2020. Use this lovely influence to find the beauty and balance between home and career.

Tuesday 14, January

This is a lovely day filled with all the cosmic support you need for just about everything and anything. The planets align in sister earth signs and push you to next level greatness in that slow but steady way that you so adore. You are building structures to last, darling.

Monday 13, January

Today's lunar influence is bringing financial themes to the fore. Venus has been sweetening your cash zone since the start of the year, but leave she leaves today. Now the Moon lights up your other money sector. Now it's about collecting that which is owed or paying it out, depending on where you fall in the balance.

Sunday 12, January

Your ruler Saturn is in top form today as he embraces Pluto, the god of change. Both of these planetary heavyweights are currently in your own stars, reminding you that even if you didn't ask for it, you truly do rule the world. Your ego may be tested, but if you believe in yourself, you'll ace any and all challenges today - and all year long.

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