Canvas Tube Is All Set To Disrupt the Art Industry

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The Art Industry is one of the longest standing pillars of humanity. Then and again, we have heard how ‘Art Will Save Us’ and how ‘This World is a Better Place with Artists as Leaders’. To shed light on the recent rise of Artists and various art forms in the past decade, it can be inferred that this industry is in fact spreading with the speed of light. Where there are N number of platforms for people to discover some of the world’s great artists, Canvas Tube is amongst one of the recent additions to this hyper-competitive market.

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Founded in 2014 by Danial Aslanimehr, Canvas Tube, a multi-dimensional digital platform for art enthusiasts, is on a mission to revolutionize the art industry with its concept of supporting emerging artists and bridging the global gap between artists and art enthusiasts/collectors/lovers. What makes Canvas Tube stand out is its distinctive way of working with selected artists and art galleries with a nominal commission fee as compared to the rest of the market. This practice has made Canvas Tube the go-to-platform for galleries and emerging artists, where they can showcase their talent without bearing the load of extravagant fees.

What makes Canvas Tube ( stand out is its old-school mission to revive the idea of collecting art and bring it back in vogue, making it cool, personal, and a part of today's lifestyle. Canvas Tube aims at becoming such a platform where free-thought and expression are facilitated, a merging point of eccentric artists, thus bringing together a global audience. Canvas Tube art advisory puts your specific collecting goals at the centre of their practice. They work with private collectors, family offices, corporate clients, museums and institutions who value their methodical and transparent approach to art services: a relationship based on trust, research and rigorous collection management. It also helps the artists and clients to build a broad network from which they can appropriately source/place artworks from a list of market contacts, including primary and secondary market, galleries, auction houses, artist estates, private collections, and artists. This platform also manages other value-added logistic services like transportation, installations, restoration, and framing to ensure efficient and cost-effective collection governance.

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With a focus on modern and contemporary art, Canvas Tube, with its untethered will to revolutionize the art industry, has promised the aficionados to make collecting art more exciting and art more accessible while supporting talented artists from all over the world. Aslanimehr, in an interview with Ankush Khanna, said that ‘Canvas Tube is determined to discover the obscure talents of the world and bring them forth for the people to see, help them connect with others sharing the same interests and become a part of the beautiful art industry.’ That being said, it is quite clear from the looks of it that Canvas Tube is definitely on the path to disrupt the all-loving art industry with its services and outreach programs.

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