Cantopop boy band Mirror goes back to school in their latest music video 12

Mirror's latest single, 12. (Photo: Instagram/mirror.weare)
Mirror's latest single, 12. (Photo: Instagram/mirror.weare)

After releasing All In One to celebrate their third anniversary, Cantopop boy band Mirror recently dropped their final single of the year, 12. The music video sees the 12 boys back in school, all dressed in warm and snuggly winter school uniform.

12 represents not just the number of members in the group, but it also refers to December. Mirror wrote in the description of their music video, which is filled with Christmas vibes, “We’d like to thank everyone through this song. Our every encounter and all the encouragements you’ve given us are the most beautiful and heartwarming. From January to December, you’ve been with us all along. This Christmas, the 12 of us would like to send our well wishes!”

The chorus lyrics read:

How wonderful it is to have you with me
I’m going to fly higher with you tonight
Having you with me, I just want to celebrate
The melody embraces you along the starry sky
It’s really great to have you with me
I’m about to count down with you again
Till Christmas, I just want to satisfy
It's a blessing to be able to reunite with you

The music video has since garnered more than 834,000 views and more than 46,000 likes. Fans were also pleased with the “Christmas gift”:

“It’s still the best to see all 12 of them together.”

“The music video is so comforting to watch, and it’s so heartwarming that Mirror is celebrating Christmas with all of us.”

“The song is so warm and sweet.”

“The lyrics are so sweet and the melody is great. Everyone of them sang so well!”

“The way everyone sang this time is so different, so gentle and soothing. This song is more like an anniversary song than All In One.”