Candy Lo shares tips to looking young in new book

27 Jun – Known for her timeless beauty, Hong Kong actress Candy Lo recently revealed that she is sharing her secret to youthful look in her new book, "Candy Lo's Frozen Age: Timeless Beauty" (translated title).

As reported on Mingpao, the 53-year-old mother of three, who spoke about the upcoming release recently, shared that the new book is not going to be another photo book like the previous ones, but will have no shortage of sexy photos nonetheless.

"The preparation for this beauty book took me quite a while, since I had to do some research. I also spent some time doing photo-shoots in Shanghai, Thailand, South Korea, and Hong Kong," she said.

Asked if she is fitter than she was when she joined Miss Asia 28 years ago, Candy said that she could never regain her old physique.

"I gave birth to three children. It's impossible to have a 22-inch waist like I had when I was 24. Now I try to lose more weight, and the waist circumference is about 24 inches. I want to lose another ten pounds in one month and I have been doing exercises and going on diet to do this," she said.

When asked if it is possible to age gracefully without looking old, she smiled and said, "Everybody can, as long as they work hard."

(Photo Source: Candy Lo Fanclub Facebook)