Candice Huffine wanted to smash misconceptions around plus-sized activewear with debut line

Candice Huffine

Candice Huffine wanted to smash the misconceptions surrounding plus-sized athletes with her debut activewear line.

Back in 2017, the 35-year-old launched DAY/WON, with a size range of 0 to 32, and she told Teen Vogue in a new interview that she was inspired to create workout clothes for women of any size after struggling to find anything that fit while she was training for the Boston Marathon.

"I couldn't find clothes that I could comfortably walk in that weren't distracting," Huffine explained. "I honestly stopped so many runs because I was just uncomfortable, and would turn around and go home. How am I supposed to cover any distance if I'm constantly fussing with stuff?"

The model was disappointed in herself that while she was making waves in fashion, fighting for size inclusivity, nothing was being done in the fitness world to cater for plus-size women.

"The fitness world had a misconception of what the curvy athlete was capable of," Huffine fired. "The performance aspect of activewear became an afterthought because that body is not ever portrayed and celebrated in an active space."

She eventually teamed up with a New York-based manufacturer, who made her a special suit to wear for the 2017 Boston Marathon, and Huffine was so impressed that she wanted to work with them to kickstart her plus-size activewear dream.

"It took me actually lining up for one of these races to realise that when I looked around me, every type of body is running marathons or crushing their goals," she shared. "Lifting weights, dancing their a*ses off in a class, doing the downward dog - whatever the hell they want to do."

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