GroBack Hair in a Safe and Natural Way Post Chemotherapy (Rati Bhargava )

Battling cancer is an uphill task. It needs a lot of courage and an excellent support system. It does take a toll on you and everyone around you. An unnerving effect of cancer is losing your hair.

Cancer cells are rapidly multiplying cells. The drugs in cancer therapy, attack these rapid multiplying cells. The cells that produce hair are rapidly multiplying too. Since the cancer drugs cannot differentiate between the two, hair cells are also targeted resulting in hair loss. Usually clumps of hair are lost while brushing/combing the hair. Soon you realise you are bald! You start prowling the internet for solutions!

Cancer patients: GroBack hair in a safe and natural way

Scarves, bandanas and wigs get you through the therapy stage. Now let us regrow your hair. There are many products available in the market that promise to do so. Most of them are laden with harmful chemicals like SLE/SLES and parabens which may be carcinogenic. You definitely do not want these substances anywhere near your body. What you need is something gentle yet effective and free of harmful chemicals.

BioRoyale products are free from harmful chemicals like sulphates and parabens. BioRoyale GroBack shampoo is a daily use, gentle shampoo. The ingredients like Aloe Vera, Arnica and Argan Oil have been used since ancient times to be beneficial for the scalp. Green Tea and Saw Palmetto have been shown to have DHT reducing properties which decrease hair fall. These ingredients stimulate the growth of hair and make hair stronger. Each ingredient of BioRoyale has been chosen with care to give your recovering hair follicles all the extra nourishment they need to GroBack hair.

Your new hair may be different than the one you had.  It may be straighter or curlier. It may be a lighter shade or a darker one. No matter how different your new hair may be, it will love BioRoyale.

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