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Monday 27, January

Today's watery influence is all about bringing you the highest level of inspiration and consciousness possible. It's a day for a serious glow-up. You have everything you need to expand your current reality and achieve your sweetest, most glamorous dreams. The rest can wait for a few days.

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Sunday 26, January

Mars and Venus square off later tonight, creating a rather romantic and sexy vibe today. It's all about getting comfortable with your own desires, Cancer. With the planet of war in your house of daily activities, your drive might even be unrecognizable to you, but try to embrace it, just for now.

Saturday 25, January

Last night's New Moon continues to light up your house of intimacy today, Cancer. It's perfect for getting cosy with your lover and staying in, or just reconnecting at the deepest level of emotional vulnerability. Set intentions in this arena of your life if you didn't get to yesterday.

Friday 24, January

Your ruling luminary is making news today, Cancer - the New Moon in Aquarius is officially here this evening. This is the perfect moment for you to set intentions for your most intimate relationships. If your desires aren't being met or if you feel like you want to attract a new lover, focus on exactly what you want: no holds barred.

Thursday 23, January

Uranus and the Sun are in a square formation early today, so any weird sensations you're feeling are completely normal, Cancer. This can cause anxiety and even a bit of shakiness, especially in combination with tomorrow's New Moon. Lay off the caffeine and try to get extra rest if you can.

Wednesday 22, January

The Moon is now officially in your opposite sign, asking you to take some downtime just for yourself. If your midweek workload makes you think this is an impossible task, just chunk your time and take ten or twenty minutes here and there. A bit of deep breathing, a soul-cleansing walk, or even a super quick nap can do the trick.

Tuesday 21, January

You're prepping for the Moon's arrival in your opposite sign later tonight, Cancer. Your ruling luminary guides your life, so tap into the quieter vibe of this void-of-course Moon to do some deep meditation, journaling, or other self-healing activity to make your low-energy phase healthy and productive.

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