Canadian TV presenter Tracy Moore opens up about being a 'recovering perfectionist'

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Photo via Instagram @thetracymoore
Photo via Instagram @thetracymoore

Tracy Moore is getting candid about managing her priorities as a "recovering perfectionist."

On Thursday, the Canadian television host took to Instagram to share a video with her more than 145,000 followers, opening up about one of the ways she has been combatting perfectionism in her day-to-day life.

"Come along with me while I lower the bar," the "Cityline" host captioned the post. "I’m a recovering perfectionist leaning hard into all the joy."

The 47-year-old explained that she has been following a method that she has dubbed the "Pick Two" rule.

"While I don’t want to suck at life, I’ve been following the 'Pick Two' rule for many years now. On any given day I’m never going to get it all right. I may eat clean and be supportive and lovely to my hubs, but I might implode on my kids. I might have a big catch-up with my parents and play with the kids but also ignore a whole bunch of work duties. I let myself off the hook daily. Because you know what ... I’m picking two. That’s it!"

"Sidebar 2: I was good to my kids and worked out today. So yeah, everyone else got crap-all from me," she added.

In the video filmed from her car, Moore dives even deeper into the rule.

"In general, don't you find there's this push in society and the media that [there's] this push to be good at everything?" she began. "You gotta be fit, you gotta eat healthy, you gotta be a good mom, be a good wife, respect and honour your parents, make sure you stay close with your friends, do good deeds, volunteer and look really good while doing it all."

"You know what I say? Pick two," Moore continued. "You're gonna be nice to your kids [and] you're gonna eat clean meals? You're gonna be a jerk to your husband."

"Are you gonna be nice to your husband [and] respectful of your parents? No clean meals. No gym," she went on. "Are you going to be fit and good to your husband? Gotta be a jerk to the kids."

"Pick two! Two. That's it," she doubled down.

Moore's post was immediately met with applause for her "genius" rule, and for shedding light on the "realities" of motherhood.

"This is so true. Moms really don't get enough credit for how patient they are. No one is perfect, and it's so crazy that we're expected to appear like we are, especially when we're juggling so much. The most important thing — besides being a rock for your family — is being a rock for yourself first! You can't be good to others if you're not good to yourself. Thank you for helping normalize the realities of being a human, much less a mom!" one Instagram user replied to the clip.

Another person wrote: "Wow, this plan of attack is great!"

"I love this. And couldn’t be truer. Always trying to be perfect is tiring. Love this idea," someone else commented.

"I love this! My motto is to be kind, and I’m leaning to do that more to myself," one person weighed in.

Another commenter penned: "Love this! We don’t have to be it all and do it all!"

Last month, Moore shared another motivational video encouraging her followers to "thank" their bodies.

"I am having a good body day. I am having a good body week. You know what, I’m having a good body month and it has nothing to do with the number on the scale," she captioned a video of herself exercising, stitched with another motivational video from TikToker Kari Kemp for narration.

"I feel strong, fast and motivated. So I took the video, and I took the picture. I didn’t care who was watching. And it felt good. How will you thank your body today?" she wrote.

"Even if it's just a good body day," she added. "Love your body, celebrate the days that you feel good (the moments that you feel good), take the pictures, take the videos and start talking nicely to yourself, 'cause you deserve it."

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