Canadian influencer Sarah Nicole Landry shares how different her body looks '5 minutes apart'

"Imagine we spent time with loved ones just standing perfectly still?"

Sarah Nicole Landry is getting candid about living life while embracing how your body looks. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Shiseido)
Sarah Nicole Landry is getting candid about living life while embracing how your body looks. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Shiseido)

Sarah Nicole Landry is once again giving followers an honest glimpse at her body.

On Wednesday, the Canadian influencer, who goes by The Birds Papaya online, shared a powerful post with her Instagram followers about self-image.

In a side-by-side photo comparison, Landry is seen wearing a black, ruched, satin strapless gown paired with pointed-toe high heels. The photos, taken five minutes apart, showed Landry posing and then being relaxed.

Landry's on-screen text explained that despite the differences in the photos, "Nothing about me changed."

"I'm just more relaxed in one and like, that's allowed," she penned, encouraging her followers to embrace their natural states. "Feel free to delete the pics, but don't stop living, breathing, relaxing. You're not a statue."

Landry took to the caption to further expand on her point.

"Imagine we spent time with loved ones just standing perfectly still? But we don't. Of course not. That would literally defeat the purpose. We exhale, laugh, talk, look down. We live, basically," she wrote. "So if someone captures us, they're capturing a moment. Not a whole picture. Not a whole being."

She noted that while we may not always love to see our candid moments, it's important to embrace the present.

"It's to be expected that we may not love every photo of that. So delete the pics, if you wanna. Keep them if you want a broader memory of a moment," the mom-of-four shared. "But don't stop the breathing and the living and the dancing and the laughing and the sharing in life with others."

In the comments, fans applauded her empowering message.

"This is so important. I used to let one bad angle photo ruin my entire day. I would zoom in and pick myself apart. I'm so happy I don't do that anymore," Canadian content creator Kelsey Melenson wrote.

"I used to delete pics or not share them because they weren't 'perfect,'" a fan admitted. "But the perfection comes in how they captured a real moment. Something I feel we're losing these days."

"I just love my body. Especially when I breathe and my belly relaxes. I can't flex 24/7 nor do I want to! F' that. I made babies and their bones were forged inside of me! I'm allowed to carry myself anyway I dang well please," another declared.

"There have been so many times I have dreaded going to events that I would be in a dress because I knew I would be sucking in the entire time. Not anymore," a commenter added.

In January, Landry shared a candid Instagram Reel about her postpartum journey and the emotional process of reconnecting with herself.

"I am officially three years postpartum and I'm starting to feel like myself again and I want to talk about it," Landry began her video.

"What I have found is that I had to grieve who I was before. I really had to grieve," she confessed. "Grief is a processing tool. My friend once said this quote to me: 'Grief is love with nowhere to go.'

"I stand here with my apron belly that really never went away, with stretch marks all the way up my body, a chest that is now a little bit more wrinkly and I'm feeling like myself again."

In her caption, Landry explained the gradual nature of postpartum recovery. She highlighted the diversity of postpartum experiences, noting "the first time I came to peace with my stretch marks, I was eight years postpartum."

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