Canada makes travelling easier with changes to vaccine mandates

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If you’ve been wanting to visit Canada for a while now, we have some news for you. Starting this summer, the country has eased several restrictions, making tourism easier, more comfortable, and exciting.

Canada is set to fully reopen more than two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, and patrons couldn’t be more glad. The nation, like the rest of the world, had sealed off its borders in an attempt to curb COVID-19 infections, and now, Canada is slowly reopening for travel. The country has eased several restrictions to boost the same.

Canada travel: How is it easier?

Starting Monday, 20 June, those domestic and outbound international travellers who haven’t been vaccinated against COVID-19 can once again board planes and trains. This comes as a relief from the last update from 30 October 2021, which did not allow those above the age of 12 who weren’t vaccinated against COVID-19 to board a plane or a train. Such people were also not allowed to substitute their negative COVID-19 test for the vaccination certificate.

However, international travellers visiting Canada will still require to be vaccinated against the virus, unless there are specific reasons for them to not be able to get the jabs (check them out here).

Further, those who are unvaccinated (even Canadian citizens and permanent residents returning to the country) will still be subject to quarantine and testing requirements. You’ll need to provide proof of a molecular test such as a PCR one, taken within 72 hours of travel to Canada.

Antigen tests can be taken a day before travel, but these have to be administered or observed by a pharmacy, lab, health care centre or a telehealth service. Further, unvaccinated travellers will be subjected to a COVID-19 test on arrival, which may be done at the airport or passengers may be given a test kit to conduct it at home.

While unvaccinated travellers are allowed to enter the country, they must quarantine for 14 days and take another test on day 8 of the quarantine period.

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