Can you tell these Korean celebrities apart?

Lee Hyun Woo & Park Bo Gum

The same aged friends are well-known in the industry for their similar looks that even the duo can’t deny it! Known for his resemblance to Lee Hyun Woo, Park Bo Gum continued to shine after his breakthrough roles in I Remember You and Reply 1988 and is considered 2016′s rising star. In a recent interview, both actors shared about their friendship and are continually supportive of each other’s works. Can you tell them apart?

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Song Joong Ki & Onew

With that baby face and a million dollar smile, you might notice the slight similarities between idol actor Onew and Song Joong Ki. Coincidentally, both of them will be starring in the upcoming Descendants of the Sun, much to the fans’ delight. Both are known for their warm and bright personality which suits their cute and lovable looks!

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So Ji Sub & Yoo Seung Ho

Also known as ‘Little So Ji Sub’, it’s not tough to figure why Yoo Seung Ho was given that nickname. With those single eyelids and manly charisma, Yoo Seung Ho is definitely on his way to follow the footsteps of So Ji Sub to be the next big thing. The veteran actor even invited the former child actor to star as his younger self together with Park Shin Hye in his music video.

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Seo In Guk & Yook Sungjae

Rising idol actor Yook Sungjae is often talked about with Seo In Guk because of their striking resemblance to each other. During an episode of We Got Married, the elderly in the market even mistook Sungjae for the actor! Not only that, when his fellow band member Peniel first met Sungjae, he mistook him for Seo In Guk. Seems like the duo are truly like peas in a pod!

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