Can you spot the Queen in this crowd?

Bianca Soldani
Can you see the Queen amongst her subjects? [Photo: Getty]

Thousands of people descended on the lawns of Buckingham Palace this week for one of the Queen’s four annual garden parties.

The event celebrates the work of everyday people who make a positive impact in their communities, and gives them the opportunity to mingle with royalty over a cuppa.

On Thursday, Queen Elizabeth played host alongside her grandchildren Prince William and Princess Eugenie, and one photo of her meeting and greeting guests has captured attention.

It’s an aerial view of the palace grounds teeming with people, and amongst them is Her Majesty.

So, can you see her?

It’s ‘can you spot’ that’s as hard as the most difficult of Where’s Wally challenges.

To give you a clue, this is what she’s wearing:

This isn the colour you’re looking for. [Photo: Getty]

So, have you spotted her yet?

If not, scroll down as we zoom in on her location.

We’ve zoomed in a little, can you see her now? [Photo: Getty]

As you can see from the photo, the dress code at the event is quite formal.

Men are required to wear a full morning dress or a lounge suit, and women a day dress with a hat or fascinator.

Guests were served tea alongside 20,000 sandwiches and 20,000 slices of cake – and it was just one of the four parties Queen Elizabeth hosts each year. The first was in May and third and fourth will take place in June and July.

Alright, now it’s really easy. [Photo: Getty]
Still can’t see her? Here it is. [Photo: Getty]
Now that you’ve found her, take a moment to appreciate Princess Beatrice and Prince William adhering to the formal dress code, with Wills wearing in a morning dress. [Photo: Getty]

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