Camila Mendes winning battle with anxiety and eating disorder

Camila Mendes winning battle with anxiety and eating disorder

Riverdale star Camila Mendes has only recently beaten her longtime battle with eating disorder bulimia, insisting she has started making healthier choices to combat anxiety.

The actress was still struggling when she landed the role of teen queen Veronica Lodge on the hit drama and she tells Women's Health magazine she is trying to stay on top of her dark past.

"I’ve only recently kind of gotten better," she explains. "It’s something that’s still a curse to me. It’s not like that ever goes away...

"Whenever I do feel insecure, I go back to health: 'What can I do that’s healthy?' Health is what’s important, not appearance. That mentality is what takes me out of the insecure, anxious thoughts."

And she admits her unstable childhood led to many of her problems: "I’ve always wanted nothing more than stability," she adds. "Moving around throughout my whole childhood was a bit traumatic. You’re constantly saying goodbye to people, and you’re constantly being removed from your identity.

"When you start to feel like you’re connecting with a group of people, an environment, and a home - a physical home - it can be destabilising when you’re uprooted and taken somewhere else."

And now she's keen to become the role model she wishes she had as a young girl, revealing, "It’s health that’s important, not appearance. I make choices that are good for me - and not just in my body - but for my soul, for my mind. And sometimes that’s eating ice-cream because I want to eat ice-cream."

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