Camila Cabello's evolving style inspired by David Bowie and Madonna

Camila Cabello inspired to be a style chameleon by David Bowie and Madonna credit:Bang Showbiz
Camila Cabello inspired to be a style chameleon by David Bowie and Madonna credit:Bang Showbiz

Camila Cabello's blonde hair transformation and her evolving style is inspired by artists such as David Bowie and Madonna.

The 'I Luv It' singer, who recently declared that "change is the medicine to anxiety", says the two music legends and style chameleons constantly switching up their images made her realise people like artists to "keep it fresh".

Speaking at Complex’s dinner at L’Ecrin Plage for Cannes Lions in France Monday (17.06.24), she shared: “Changing my physical appearance like my blonde hair or fashion — whatever I do, I learned how exciting that is from people like Madonna or David Bowie.

“Always keep it fresh for people.”

As long as she is remaining true to herself, she says it shouldn't matter how she dresses or what colour her hair is.

She said: “I trust that as long as I’m being me, they know me and love me for me."

The 'Havana' hitmaker likes her physical appearance to match her musical style.

The singer - who shot to stardom as part of Fifth Harmony - recently told NYLON magazine: "If something different is happening musically, it helps to look like a different person.

"You want to feel like a new artist every time you put an album out, even if you’ve been around for a long time."

Camila is set to release her fourth album later this year, and she's teased details of what fans can expect from the record.

The 'I LUV IT' hitmaker said: "This music feels like an unfiltered version of me."

Camila is also determined to continue evolving.

The pop star shared: "Constant change is the solution. It’s the key to peace and the medicine to anxiety."

In March, Camila claimed that she needed to make a "physical change" before releasing her new album.

The chart-topping star told the 'Call Her Daddy' podcast: "You know, I felt like I needed a big, physical change.

"I feel, I don't know, my dark hair has been with me for all of my life, like it was just a significant part of how the public saw me, how the world saw me, and how I saw myself."

Camila said that her new style embodies a new era in her life and her music career.

She explained: "I feel like it's just been a year of, like, the theme has very much been 'play' and 'transformation' and changing and being brave.

"But I feel like also the music is so different, the world is so different that for so many reasons I was like, 'I feel like physical change needs to accompany that.'"