Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes 'didn't know what to do with their feelings' for one another

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes didn't know "what to do with" their feelings for one another when they realised they were more than just friends.

The pair first discovered they liked each other when working on 2015 song I Know What You Did Last Summer. However, their romance didn't begin until July this year - after they collaborated once again on chart-topping tune Senorita.

Explaining how her feelings for Shawn first began during a chat with Rolling Stone magazine, Camila admitted it was difficult to come to terms with her changing emotions towards the Canadian crooner at first.

"During I Know What You Did Last Summer, I really bonded with him as more than a friend," she said. "I think he did, too, but we were both really young, and he was experiencing the pressures of his career. I don't think we knew what to do with those feelings.

"It was this awkward thing where we both liked each other, but we weren't together. It was just weird. An energy was there from the beginning, but after that song, we didn't spend as much time together. Our paths just didn't cross in that way romantically until we started hanging out again and writing. For me, it just brought it back."

Elsewhere in the Rolling Stone chat, Camila was asked about her wholesome reputation and questioned about the "meanest thing" she's ever done. The former Fifth Harmony star responded by insisting being cruel just isn't in her nature.

"I'm sure I've been mean by accident, but I'm so sensitive that I couldn't intentionally hurt someone's feelings," she mused. "I'm not saying that to sound super wholesome and pure - I just don't have any memory of me being capable of doing that."

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