California's Iconic Wine Region Is Covered in Bright Yellow Flowers Right Now — Here's How to See Them

Spring has sprung in northern California.

<p>Bob McClenahan</p>

Bob McClenahan

We have officially turned the clocks forward and are less than two weeks away from the first day of spring. And that has us thinking of all the spectacular wildflower blooms to come. But if you can't wait a few more days or weeks, then you can book a ticket straight to northern California, where Napa Valley's mustard flowers are in full bloom.

Across Napa Valley, travelers will find vineyards blanketed in bright yellow blooms, which Robert Bale Vineyards explains are not just gorgeous to look at but also act as a beneficial crop that helps "prevent against soil erosion, recharge the soil with nitrogen, and to help suppress the population of nematodes." Nematodes, the vineyard notes, are "pesky microscopic worms that cause damage to the roots of the vines, which leads to vine decline."

<p>Bob McClenahan</p>

Bob McClenahan

However, like most things, there is a downside. Namely, the plant isn't native to California and can grow aggressively over native flowers like lupines and poppies. When it dries, the mustard plant is highly flammable, which isn't great in an already fire-prone area.

The flip side is, unlike other wildflowers, you can go ahead and feel free to pick these, the LA Times reports.

And some local hotels and restaurants are harvesting the flower to use across their seasonal menus. That includes the Bardessono Hotel & Spa, which offers a Mustard Masters package that comes with mustard-inspired spa treatments and even has a seasonal cocktail and a seasonal menu incorporating mustard flavors at its restaurant, Lucy Restaurant & Bar. This season, the hotel also hired a "Mustard Master" who is on-site and ready to help guests find the best viewing points and will even help arrange a photoshoot for those who want to capture the moment for the 'gram.

<p>Courtesy of Bardessono Hotel & Spa</p>

Courtesy of Bardessono Hotel & Spa

Travelers can, of course, go it alone by using Visit Napa Valley's super handy map, which specifically calls out some of the best spots to see, photograph, and sit among the blooms. The tourism office also put together a list of mustard-related happenings, including wine tastings paired with the flavor offered by St. Supéry Estate Vineyards & Winery, mustard massages by Carneros Resort and Spa, and a mustard and wine safari by Laces and Limos.

So go ahead and book that last-minute trip and get an early taste of spring.

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