Cake Spade bids farewell after 10 years of yummy cakes & pastries

Why are so many F&B establishments closing down for good? This time, it’s the iconic pink cake shop, Cake Spade. They recently moved to South Bridge Road in Apr 2022, but have just announced on an Instagram post that they’re ceasing their operation in Jan 2023—  a sad piece of news, especially since they’re approaching their 10th anniversary!

cake spade closure - shopfronts

Before their latest location, they planted their roots at Orchid Hotel on Tras Link and subsequently moved down a few units to 83 Tanjong Pagar Road.

Cake Spade has a strong reputation of serving delicious whole/sliced cakes, warm-baked desserts, frozen desserts, and gourmet coffee & tea.

Some of their signature cake flavours include Red Velvet Cheesecake, Strawberry Tofu Cheesecake and Hummingbird Cake (a combination of pineapples, dessiccated coconut, bananas and maple cream cheese icing topped with pecans and coconut flakes).

cake spade closure - cake slices

This announcement came to me as a shock after chancing upon one of their recent posts about 3 weeks ago. Cake Spade was garnering comments from their followers on where  their next outlet should be located.

It got me thinking that they had plans on opening a second outlet or that they were having issues with their current space.

cake spade closure - instagram post

According to the owner, Zenn, they wanted to seize the opportunity of growing their business in 2022.

Apparently, things didn’t turn out exactly as how they’d planned it. The business faced tons of challenges and setbacks. Although some of them were manageable, a big bulk of it was unanticipated.

During these last couple of months, Cake Spade will be inviting their dedicated customers to pay them a visit and enjoy their cakes, while they’re still around.

Whether goodbyes are forever or not, let’s cross our fingers and hope that they’ll return one day.

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