You Can Buy A Baking Kit To Make A Family-Sized Twinkie, So Happy Holidays To You

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Photo credit: Walmart
Photo credit: Walmart

Hostess Twinkies are nothing short of iconic—practically everyone has tried them at least once, and to know them is to love them. Now, just in time for the holidays, you can make the classic treat right at home with the exclusive Twinkies baking kit at Walmart, available in store and online.

This baking kit may be the best present of all, complete with a special, Twinkie-shaped baking pan, cake mix, cream filling mix, and instructions so you can recreate the original recipe right in your own kitchen. (FYI, you will need to add vegetable oil, eggs, water, and heavy cream, so be sure to stock up.) But this isn't your average Twinkie. The oversized baking pan yields one "party size" cake that can be sliced into about 12 servings, perfect for any special occasion.

After yet again another pretty hectic year, who wouldn't want to try their hand at baking a giant Twinkie cake? I think you just found your new favorite holiday tradition!

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