Busy Philipps's daughter wrote letter to network bosses after her mum's show was axed

Busy Philipps

Busy Philipps's 11-year-old daughter Birdie penned a hard-hitting letter to executives at U.S. TV network E! after they axed her mum's talk show Busy Tonight.

The 40-year-old actress reflected on her year in a lengthy post uploaded to Instagram on New Year's Day and told fans she'd decided to share the letter and her feelings from when the series was cancelled back in April as she embarked on a new decade.

In the letter, Birdie wrote: "You are the worst TV network EVER. Why? Well 1. You got ride (sic) of my mom's show. 2. You made a lot of people lose their jobs. 3. You suck.

"Well anyways, my mom does work much harder than you so you don't deserve her. She will find another place to do her show when it becomes popular. She will shove it up your a*s. Sincerely, Birdie."

Birdie had addressed the letter, which she wrote on 7 May, simply to E!. However, it's unclear whether or not it was ever actually sent to bosses at the network.

Explaining her own thoughts about her daughter's sweet gesture, Busy wrote: "Right before the show was finished, I found a letter my daughter wrote to E! and I feel like as this year is almost over, the decade is closing, it's the right time to post the letter...

"My girl knows something about her mom - I work hard AF (as f**k) and love to prove people wrong."

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