Bus Driver Heartbroken After Hearing of Husband’s Death, Passersby Provide Assistance

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Having a loved one depart from the world is heartbreaking enough. But a female bus driver on duty in Singapore had to learn the hard truth of her husband’s passing—and from across the border in Malaysia—while on the job.

The incident which took place on Saturday (23 May) caught passersby attention, and was documented in a Facebook video by one of them who rendered assistance throughout the process.

Passersby Noticed Bus Driver Crying

A bus was parked beside a bus stop at Clementi Avenue 1 where a female bus driver on duty was seen crying. Passersby noticed her and walked over, asking if she was okay while trying to understand her situation. 

The lady, identified as a Malaysian according to Lianhe Wanbao, revealed to them that her husband had passed away. 

While there were no passengers on the bus at that time, the bus was still in operation. The passersby then proceeded to call the police in their attempt to assist her.

She was in a distraught state after her husband’s demise and was not able to continue driving the bus.

Her husband had passed away in Malaysia. | Photo: Screengrab from Facebook / News Updates 2.0

In a phone call to the driver’s supervisor, one of them emphasised her plight as they assisted to request for a driver replacement. 

The supervisor replied that he would render assistance to their location. 

Heaving with tears while looking at her phone, the driver uttered in Mandarin: “What should I do? Faster hurry.”

In the video, she was also heard saying in a phone call: “You can go with a peace of mind. Can you?” She then proceeded to give a smooch on the screen of her phone, as though to bid goodbye to her loved one.

Attempted to Comfort Bus Driver

While waiting for help, a bus with the same service happened to pass by. One of the passersby went over, hoping that the other bus driver could help assist the female driver. However, he drove off shortly after.

It was later found that the bus driver who passed by without helping did so because it was “in regular service”, according to media reports

Tower Transit also updated that an officer from the transport company came to assist the female bus driver and had a bus captain drive her vehicle back.

Photo: Screengrab from Facebook / News Updates 2.0

Meanwhile during the wait, the passersby handed over tissues and a drink in an attempt to comfort her. 

It is said that Tower Transit is currently giving the bus driver their fullest support and space for her to grieve in private.

Here, at theAsianparent, we offer our condolences to the bus driver and her family, and hope that she will be able to overcome this ordeal.  

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