'Burnt' Stars Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller Give Us Fine Dining Tips

Kevin Polowy
Senior Correspondent, Yahoo Entertainment

Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller are not chefs at one of the world’s most upscale restaurants, but they play them in Burnt. And that gives them way more expertise than we have on fine-dining etiquette. So at the press junket for their new cooking dramedy, we asked the duo for tips about eating out at the very fancy-schmanciest of establishments. (Watch it above.)

For instance, how should you order your steak cooked? Is it an insult to the chef if you ask for steak sauce? “Yep,” said Cooper. “They’d probably through steak at your face.” And when we wondered whether or not you could actually refuse the wine they uncork after sampling, Miller dropped some serious knowledge: “The real etiquette is to not sip, you should be able to tell if it’s corked by the smell.”

We already feel more sophisticated.

Burnt is now in theaters. Watch Cooper and Miller talk about working with all that delicious-looking food around them: