Burberry Hero: Actor Desmond Tan Shares With Us What Being a Hero Means

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Actor Desmond Tan shares with us what being a hero means and his thoughts about the latest Burberry Hero EDP fragrance.

A hero is endowed with great ability and combats adversity through feats of ingenuity, courage, or strength.Police officers, doctors, and lawyers are just some of the types of everyday heroes in the world today. That said, it doesn’t mean you have to assume these roles to be considered a hero; regardless of your designation, you too, have a lionheart in you.

The Burberry Hero Fragrance shares the same sentiments. Through the vivid metaphor of a man becoming a mythical creature in the powerful sea, the campaign illustrates the story of a man leaping into the unknown, overcoming overwhelming struggles and transforming into something new while remaining true to himself. It challenges the traditional stereotypes of masculinity and encourages us to take on a heroic role in our lives.

In unison with the concept, the fragrance takes inspiration from nature, deepened with a heart of warm cedarwood of Virginia, the Atlas Mountains, and the Himalayas. It is also brightened with sparkling bergamot and invigorated with juniper and black pepper to propose an understated sophisticated aroma ideal for modern heroes.

“The fragrance represents the duality between strength and sensibility. A scent that represents the timelessness of Burberry and, at the same time, the sense of modernity,” explains Aurélien Guichard, the nose behind Burberry fragrances. “It is a blend of universality and uniqueness. The scent expresses the animality that is inside each man alongside a true humanity.”

Resonating with its ethos – strong and subtle, powerful and compassionate, athletic and creative – actor Desmond Tan shares with us his definition of a hero and tips on how we too can be a hero for others.

How do you define the term “Hero”?

A hero is someone who is brave and selfless even when facing extraordinary circumstances.

What makes someone a hero?

Heroes dig deep into their hearts; they understand the true meanings of life and what matters most to them. They will hold these core beliefs close to their hearts and souls to fulfil their callings.

Who inspires you?

Kobe Bryant. I’m inspired by his passion for the game and how determined he is to constantly polish his craft to bring his ace game to every match. He is a special class of his own and has the mindset of a champion. I believe that if I can think and work as hard as him, I’ll have success in my acting works in my own ways.

What two sides are there to your character?

Dreamer and overthinker. I love to dream because I believe it keeps us moving forward and motivated. However, I’m also a practical person who likes to think about all possible outcomes. Sometimes these two sides complement each other well, and sometimes it stretches me apart.

How do you approach life, what’s your mantra?

Stay humble. Work hard. Be kind.

Have you been on your own journey of transformation? How have you grown through this?

I see life as a journey of transformation. We are the outcomes of the good and the bad experiences we’ve faced. We usually learn most from mistakes and grow with deep thoughts and self-reflections. In the past years, I believe I’ve learnt to be more calm and composed and to take appropriate actions after careful thoughts.

When was a time in your life that you felt you needed to begin a journey of personal transformation? What sparked this?

I remember a few years back – I had an idea of making a super long road trip from Singapore to as far as possible. I remember I was inspired to do so because I felt like I wanted to have a digital detox and truly live in the moment. I thought it would be a good way to explore the world, understand how physically small we actually are in this giant world, feel the textures of different local cultures and at the same time understand myself better.

As an actor, you’re considered a hero in the eyes of many. What empowers you to helping/inspiring others?

I am emboldened by the trust and love my audiences have for me; they inspire me to be the best version of myself. As an elevated version of myself, I realise I can inspire more people and use my voice to help others or those working on meaningful causes. The jubilation I get from making the world a better place propels me to continue lending a helping hand.

Do you think a scent can help elevate and empower us?

Scent has always played an integral role in my lifestyle because it’s evocative and empowering. A great scent can not only fill space and elevate its dynamics, but also create stories and dreams. A great scent also speaks all languages and has the power to boost confidence. Like art and fashion, it knows no boundaries.

Btw, I also wear fragrances to sleep because I like to smell good even when I’m sleeping. I believe it makes my dream sweeter.

Do you think Burberry HERO has the aforementioned power? When and where will Desmond Tan wear HERO?

Absolutely. Anytime and anywhere. It is that versatile.

How would you describe the Burberry HERO in one word?

Charming. It opens with a refreshing citrusy note that is ever-so sophisticated, followed by warm woody base notes that will enthral the people around you.

What do you think about the messaging of the Burberry HERO campaign?

I truly believe that everyone has a hero within them. As long we are willing to listen to our hearts, we will find that whispering voice within us. In our unique ways, we will be able to bless others and make the world a better place.

What are your tips for those wanting to be a hero for others?

We have to believe in ourselves. We all have the strength and special power to be a hero for others. You don’t have to impact a mass of people to be a hero; it is as commendable to be a hero to one person or a small family.



Personality: Desmond Tan for Burberry HERO
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