Bungie revives 'Marathon' as a multiplayer shooter

The classic Mac FPS is jumping into the modern era, 27 years later.


What do you think Bungie would do for its first non-Destiny game in over a decade? A return to the franchise that helped make it a gaming giant, of course. The developer has unveiled Marathon, a follow-up to the classic first-person shooter series for Macs. This isn't a sequel or remake, mind you. Instead, it's a multiplayer "extraction shooter" that has mercenary Runners exploring a lost colony.

While there's no single-player component, game director Chris Barrett says this will still "feel" like a Bungie game between the mechanics and rich universe. Player actions will also influence the plot — you might find an artifact that unlocks an area for all players. There are persistent zones and seasons, although we wouldn't expect a repeat of similar elements in Destiny.

Marathon is in development for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. While there isn't much more to share at this point, Bungie says the next update will be "much closer to launch" and include gameplay. It's safe to say there's a lot riding on this title. It's proof that Bungie isn't content to iterate on Destiny forever, and will show what the company can do with a multiplayer-only experience. And for old-time fans, this is a chance to return to a beloved franchise 27 years later.