Here Are a Bunch of Super Easy Ways You Can Wear and Style a Scarf

Lauren Adhav
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Photo credit: Jeremy Moeller - Getty Images
Photo credit: Jeremy Moeller - Getty Images

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Forget sweater season, it's all about scarf season! Yes, knits are a cold-weather must, but the thing that makes your winter outfit look even cozier is a chic scarf thrown around your neck. It'll save you from icy wind and it's a great way to dress up or add a little something extra to your ensemble. And there are so many ways to wear them! Whether you're knotting, looping, or knotting AND looping yours, the way you style your scarf can change up your 'fit in an instant.

Here, I took some rectangular scarves I had in my closet to demonstrate nine ways to wear them. And if you ever doubted your scarf-styling skills (I'm guessing that's why you landed on this very page), these are all super simple to nail, trust me.

There are even more ways to wear them depending on the other kinds of scarves you have like square ones or infinity ones, but longer rectangular ones are arguably the most basic and popular style during the colder months.

Need more winter how tos? Here are the different ways to wear a beanie and exactly how to clean those suede boots that have water damage or salt on them from last year. But back to scarves—let's get into how to wear 'em below!

The Drape

This one's pretty simple. Just throw it around your neck and let it hang, making sure the sides are even.

The Loop

Start this one off like how you'd drape it, but instead you'll take one side and loop it around your neck once. Again, make sure the sides are even once complete.

The Tie

Hang it around your neck, and then taking the tails on both sides, tie them together and pull until the knot hits where you prefer.

The Toss Back

Throw on the scarf around your neck, but then take one side and toss it back behind you. It's prob not the best for an exceptionally windy day since it might not stay put, but on any other cold day, go for it!

The Pull Though

Fold your scarf in half, drape it around your neck, and then take the two tails at one end and pull it through the loop. So easy!

The Loop and Tie

Welp, it sounds exactly like the description. Combine one loop with a simple knot to finish it off, and you're all bundled up!

The Shawl

Widen out the scarf and simply lay if over your shoulders and upper arms. Chic, no?

The Extra Loose or Tight Loop

Similar to the regular loop, but, well, wrapped slightly more loose. But if that's letting in wayyy too much cold air for you, try pulling it extra tight instead (without cutting into your windpipe, ofc).

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