BTS Releases Recipe Book With Recipes You Can Enjoy Like The K-Pop Group

When it comes to creating chart-topping music, Korean pop group BTS is one of the most renowned names even in the global music industry. However, there is another side to them which not many might know about. Enter BTS RECIPE BOOK: Book of Tasty Stories.

BTS members are no less than actual chefs, creating magic in the kitchen by whipping up scrumptious Korean dishes that delight their fans. And, a recently announced recipe book is a natural extension of, and irrefutable testimony to, the talent of the boy band as an acclaimed act in cooking up pleasant surprises.

Earlier in August, the Grammy-nominated supergroup announced that they are releasing their official cookbook, BTS RECIPE BOOK: Book of Tasty Stories. The cookbook contains recipes loved by the boys that are made with unique ingredients and their preparation methods. Along with this, the idols share some interesting memories of the dishes as well.

The book doesn’t come as a surprise to fans known as ARMY. They know that each of the seven members — Jin, Jung Kook, RM, V, Suga, Jimin and J-Hope — have a personal relationship with the unique dishes.

No wonder they have even donned the chef’s hat and tried out new recipes on multiple occasions. Additionally, they host a highly successful cooking and education programme The BTS Recipe in Korean, which is viewed by millions on YouTube.

Image credit: Screenshot/HYBE EDU/YouTube
Image credit: Screenshot/HYBE EDU/YouTube

You can also find special cooking episodes on RUN BTS and BTS Festa dinners, which underline how important food is to BTS.

The members indeed pay great attention to their dishes and are themselves deeply interested in what they eat and drink. Perhaps that’s why they have extremely high energy to do those high-octane dance performances and belt out evocative songs one after the other, anywhere from Seoul to the United Nations.

All the details on the BTS RECIPE BOOK: Book of Tasty Stories

BTS’ favourite dishes in the cookbook

Image credit: Weverse
Image credit: Weverse

As the name suggests, the 252-page BTS cookbook isn’t a usual how-to-make-this-dish guide — it is a tome which rustles up the aroma of unique Korean recipes that are enriched by memories of the seven boys.

“We hope that you will enjoy every moment as you follow the steps of these recipes, imagining the conversations and feelings of BTS when they were making these dishes,” reads the back cover of the cookbook.

In a way, this gives a glimpse of how personal the book is to both BTS members and their legions of fans around the world.

As for the recipes, the book contains authentic Korean dishes from the staple kimchi fried rice to braised beef ribs.

According to the book’s description, each of the recipes is that the members themselves use, but culinary experts have been consulted for exact measurements, ingredients and preparation.

Five chapters, 15 dishes

Image credit: Weverse
Image credit: Weverse

The recipes are divided into five chapters containing three dishes each.

Each chapter is created to cater to a mood. For instance, BTS members relate the sound of rainfall to the sizzling sound of pajeon (scallion pancake). This thematic relation places the dish under the ‘When it Rains’ chapter.

As per the book, food lovers can also learn to make sujebi (hand-pulled dough soup) and dak-bokkeumtang (spicy chicken stew), and concoct it at their homes if the pitter-patter and the moody rainy weather makes them hungry.

Similarly, the chapter titled ‘When Feeling Peckish’ includes dishes such as nurungji-gwaja (scorched rice crackers), bungeobbang (carp bread) and hotteok (sugar-filled griddlecakes).

To satiate the late-night cravings, options include Korean fried chicken, which is Jin’s favourite, ramyeon (Korean instant noodles) and tteokbokki (simmered rice cakes).

Tteokbokki is perhaps one of the most interesting recipes in the book. The street food became world-famous owing to its depiction in Squid Game (2021– ). It is also insanely popular among several other top K-pop idols, including SEVENTEEN’s Joshua, TWICE’s Jeongyeon, Cosmic Girls’ Mei Qi and MAMAMOO’s Solar.

Kimchi-bokkeumbap (kimchi fried rice), janchi-guksu (banquet noodles) and budae-jjigae (sausage stew) are listed in the chapter on simple dishes. Additionally, energy booster foods include suyuk (boiled pork slices), samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup) and galbijjim (braised beef ribs).

Helpful pointers to tailor each dish for vegans

Image credit: Weverse
Image credit: Weverse

Through beautiful graphics, readers are given quick insights into the difficulty in preparing the dishes as well as their key features.

What is unique is that each of the dishes can be made gluten-free, nut-free or vegan. All that readers have to do is follow the instructions and alter the ingredients accordingly.

Ingredients are listed in English and Korean languages, with quantities provided in two different measurements for ease of preparation.

Alternatives to some Korean ingredients are also provided in the book to ensure that a perfect dish can be made even if all the exact items aren’t available.

Videos to help make dishes properly

Each recipe comes with a QR code at the top right of the page. Scanning it redirects to a video of the recipe preparation.

This is incredibly helpful, especially for those who are first-timers with respect to Korean cooking, as they would want to see specific methods — for instance, how the pan must be moved back and forth when making dishes such as pajeon.

And, every recipe comes with attractive pictures of the ingredients, the steps and dishes as well as helpful tips. In all, the book covers all the aspects for anyone to be able to whip up a delicacy that BTS members love.

Pictures and stories that enhance the book

The theme of each chapter is introduced by BTS’ own lyrics. Apart from the food, there are pictures of BTS members preparing the meals in the kitchen, reading out their own recipes and having fun around the dinner table.

There are detailed stories of the members’ own experiences of enjoying the dish as well as their tastes and likings in their own words.

BTS RECIPE BOOK: Book of Tasty Stories has two editions — the global edition and the Japan edition. While the global edition has a green hardbound cover, the Japan edition comes in yellow hardbound.

The book costs USD 28 per copy on the band’s Weverse shop page. All pre-order copies were sold out within days of announcement.

Deliveries are set to begin between mid to late November 2022. Owners will also receive a BTS mini photo frame along with the BTS recipe book.

Is there another BTS cookbook?

Yes, but those are unofficial ones. Several BTS-inspired cookbooks are available online on Amazon. Among them is BTS Cookbook: Authentic Korean Dishes Members of the World’s Biggest Boyband Adore.

The book contains over 30 recipes and step-by-step instructions on how to prepare each. You can also find a few lines on how each of them is connected to a BTS member or the group.

Get BTS RECIPE BOOK: Book of Tasty Stories here.

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