BTS fans donate over $333,000 to coronavirus relief fund


BTS fans have donated more than $333,000 (£261,000) to help those in South Korea affected by coronavirus outbreaks.

Band member Suga, whose hometown of Daegu has been badly affected, donated $84,000 (£64,760) to the Korea Disaster Relief Association (KDRA) to support aid efforts in the city last month, prompting many fans to make donations.

However, it was the cancellation of the group's Korean tour due to fears over the spread of the virus on Thursday that caused donations to surge after many fans gifted their refunds to the KDRA.

A charity official told The Korea Herald newspaper: "Our website went down for about 10 minutes amid a flurry of donations Friday. We feel grateful about their donations and believe their contribution will bring a positive ripple effect across the globe."

They believe fans have likely donated far more than $333,000, but only counted donations made in BTS' name.

"The actual amount is likely much higher than the official count," the official added. "Donations made under individual members' names without any mention of BTS were not counted in the statistics because it's difficult for us to figure out whether the names are attributed to BTS members or the donors' real names."

KDRA staff plan to use the funds to provide a relief kit, consisting of face masks and other essential goods, to those on low incomes, medical staff, volunteer workers, and quarantined individuals.

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