‘Incapacitated’ Bryan Singer caused Hugh Jackman injury on 'X-Men 2': report

Gregory Wakeman
Bryan Singer was 'incapacitated' during parts of X-Men's production (Image by 20th Century Fox)

A new report says Bryan Singer was so “incapacitated” on the set of 2003’s X2 that he caused an injury to Hugh Jackman.

This revelation was made in The Hollywood Reporter’s recent in-depth piece on Bryan Singer’s involvement in the X-Men franchise, which explores how the numerous allegations of sexual abuse and paedophilia against the director has already started to tarnish its reputation.

The filmmaker has been the subject of a number of sexual exploitation lawsuits against him, dating back to 1997. In 2014 he was accused in a federal lawsuit of drugging and raping an underage boy in Los Angeles and in Hawaii. It was eventually withdrawn. He has never faced criminal charges.

Singer has not commented on THR’s allegations. In the past, he has adamantly denied allegations of abuse.

According to the new report, producers behind X-Men and X2 were said to have been made aware of Singer’s “erratic” and “destructive” behaviour while making the first two films, which really came to a head when producer Tom DeSanto visited the set of the sequel.

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Singer was reportedly so “incapacitated” by “a narcotic” that DeSanto tried to shut down production, especially since various other crew members were also said to be under the influence of the same drug.

DeSanto is said to have been worried that someone could be injured, as most of the main cast were set to shoot an action scene.

Director Bryan Singer arrives at a screening of X-Men Apocalypse at a cinema in London, Britain, May 9, 2016. REUTERS/Hannah McKay

A defiant Singer continued filming which, according to the report, led “to a botched stunt” that is said to have left “[Hugh] Jackman bleeding on camera.” Producer Ralph Winter is said to have shut down production, only to then side with Singer, and tell DeSanto to go back to Los Angeles.

Yahoo has contacted Singer and Winter for a response.

The X-Men cast were reportedly so furious with Singer, though, that they confronted the director, telling him they would quit if DeSanto actually did fly home. It was at this point that Halle Berry is said to have told the director, “You can kiss my Black a**.”

Producer Lauren Shuler Doner used this piece to reflect on indulging Singer’s antics during the production of these X-Men films. 

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"It's a weird business, the film business,” Shuler Donner told THR. “We honour creativity and talent and we forgive the brilliant ones. Unconsciously, we probably do enable them by turning a blind eye to whatever they're doing and taking their product and putting it out to the world."

Another executive was much more cutting on the matter, though, telling THR: "His behaviour was poor on the movie. We accommodated him on the first movie, and therefore we can accommodate him on the second movie. And on and on. And it created a monster."