Brow Expert NeezieBabiie on How She Became an Instagram Star

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Non-invasive cosmetic procedures are a booming industry in this day and age, so recently we sat and had a quick chat with beauty expert NeeziieBabiie, owner of one of the most successful specialty stores in Las Vegas, NV. Having worked as a celebrity make-up and brow artist for over 10 years, NeeziieBabiie was inspired to start up her own business, demonstrating considerable entrepreneurial skill in the process.

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NeeziieBabiie Beauty grew rapidly into a widely successful business, specializing in non-invasive aesthetics and cosmetic accessories, such as temporary brow tattoos, hyaluronic lip pens, and microblading tools, among many others. Through entrepreneurial skill, but also through her undeniable charm, NeeziieBabiie managed to acquire a large following on Instagram, currently clocking in at roughly 385k people. NeeziieBabiie Beauty has been the choice in all thing’s beauty for over 7,000 clients.

But then, that comes as little surprise, since NeeziieBabiie started working as a brow expert when she was only 14 years old, a passion which would later become a profession for the artist. She started her own business, back in 2011, an eyebrow threading salon called Threaded Beauty in Sacramento, CA. She rapidly went viral thanks to her killer skills, and was featured on numerous well-known social media pages, such as Huda Beauty.

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At present, NeeziieBabiie has trained over 3,000 future permanent make-up and brow experts, an achievement she couldn’t be more proud of. Of course, we asked her a few questions about how she’s promoting her business, how she’s planning to move forward, and so on. Like many happening entrepreneurs, NeeziieBabiie cited social media as one of her biggest, most important promotion tools.

“Instagram is the only way I market for my business. Instagram is the reason my life changed, and I became such a household name for brows,” she says, simply. Still, NeeziieBabiie says there’s a lot of misconception in the world of brow care today, such as the fear that tattooed brows are big, black, and bulky.

“The brows work that I do can be very soft and natural to the point no one even knows you have anything done,” she says, also explaining why so many customers choose her services time and again. “Having your brows tattooed on, to your desired shape can save you so much time in getting ready and allows you to have such beautiful brows 24/7.”

Never one to get too comfortable in her current position, however, NeeziieBabiie admits to us she’s already working on the next big thing, which at present involves working on a fitness line called Team New Body. Of course, we also asked NeeziieBabiie what her advice would be to young entrepreneurs, just starting out:

“Unfortunately, we live in a generation that is looking for instant gratification, but if that was really a thing everyone would be successful. It comes down to hard work and determination. Nothing beats that! There is nothing you can’t do if you really make your goals a priority and have tunnel vision on your end goal. I also make sure to write everything down. Writing my short term and long term goals down keeps me accountable and strengthens my vision. It’s so utterly satisfying to see my progress.”

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