Brother Bird makes hybrid desserts like mochi croissants and cruffins, plus sorbets and soft serve

What a world we live in now, where there’s always a new food option for the fickle-minded and trend-obsessed. Possibly inspired by the cronut (croissant + donut), the Dominique Ansel creation from some years back, local cafe Brother Bird has been enticing sweet toothed folks across the island with its mochi croissant and mochi cruffin (mochi + croissant + muffin) hybrid desserts.

With two outlets and a pop-up in Bugis, the pastry connoisseurs behind the brand certainly know how to attract diners with their aromatic array of baked goods that are always on glorious display.

Made with a glutinous rice flour dough mix, Brother Bird‘s mochi croissants (from $3) take three days to craft, including resting chilled overnight and going through the process of folding in their 12 layers. The result is a flaky, golden brown crust with a light, chewy interior that you can get in rotating flavors such as original, matcha white chocolate, Kinder Bueno, salted caramel, Samoa S’mores, raspberry and dark chocolate, coconut s’mores, or strawberry cheesecake.

As for the mochi cruffin selection, these muffin-like croissants have made appearances in options that are just as appealing, including flavors like taro, raspberry meringue cheesecake, and osmanthus oolong.

If you’d like to pair your pastry with a swirl of soft serve or sorbet, then they’ve also got distinctive flavors that come and go each month — peanut butter, mango sticky rice, strawberry basil, Thai green milk tea, cookie butter, and pineapple tart are some of the ones that have already been part of the selection.

It’s the kind of place you visit when you’re craving something sweet, because we’re pretty sure it’ll be near impossible to leave the cafe without caving in and grabbing one of its luscious-looking treats.


Brother Bird is at three outlets, including a pop-up at Stateland Cafe, 32 Bali Ln.
Wed-Mon noon-10pm, Tues 6pm-10pm (or until sold out).
MRT: Bugis

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