Bring a change in your dog's diet; introduce these foods

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Bring a change in your dog
Bring a change in your dog

01 Oct 2021: Bring a change in your dog's diet; introduce these foods

We love our dogs and we also know that there is a wide range of food items we can give them. Things like meat, rice, roti, and the like are usually recommended by many dog parents and experts. But did you know there are some uncommon food items (from a dog's perspective) that you can actually give them to eat? Read on to know.

Vegetables: Do you hate broccoli? Definitely give it to your dogs

Vegetables are extremely beneficial for your pooch. You might neglect to have broccoli, but dogs love it. Wash the vegetable and give it raw. They will lap it up soon. Cabbage is also good for them, but give just a small piece, otherwise, it may lead to gastric issues. Carrots, rich in vitamin A, can also be served raw or boiled to your pooch.

Fruits: Your doggo will love having banana, frozen strawberries

Some dog owners say their four-legged companion enjoys eating bananas. It's good for their health, so give them a banana daily. Dogs love to eat frozen strawberries. You can mix oranges, apple slices without seeds, cookies, and frozen strawberries and give them to your dog. It may sound weird but your pooch will love it. Also try giving corn, boiled not raw, to them.

Snacks: Your snacks, breakfast might be good for your pooch

Imagine your dog sitting beside you and eating popcorn while you both watch a movie. Isn't that fun? Do it next time and see how your companion laps up the popcorn. Sweets and chocolates might be harmful to them, but experts say you can give your dog peanut butter. Oatmeal is not just a power breakfast for you, your canine can have it, too.

Miscellaneous: Try giving pumpkin, avocado, and coconut oil to your dog

Pumpkin and avocado are canine-friendly. Pumpkin is rich in fiber and aids in easy digestion for your pooch. Fresh organic pumpkins provide protection to your dog from diarrhea and other stomach issues. The amino acids and vitamin E in avocado are good for your dog's fur. Coconut oil is also great for them. But be cautious to always check for food reactions and allergies.

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