Brillante Mendoza on working with Muslim actors in "Mindanao"

Heidi Hsia

26 Dec – Brillante Mendoza recently admitted that casting actors in his new Metro Manila Film Festival movie was not as difficult as it might sound, even if he decided to have more Muslim actors involved in the project.

As reported on Push, the filmmaker, who was asked if there were challenges when it comes to the casting, stated that it had more to do with the difference of culture and perspectives.

"You just have to know their culture, you have to know them. You need to be sensitive to their culture, their vision, you must know them as well," he said.

However, aside from that, Mendoza said that it was not difficult to work with these Muslim actors.

"They are also Filipinos. In that sense, they are no different than us," he added.

The movie, which opened on Christmas Day, stars Judy Ann Santos as a Muslim woman named Saima who cares for her cancer-stricken daughter Aisa (Yuna Tangog) while awaiting husband Malang's return (Allen Dizon) after serving as a combat medic deployed in the southern Philippines.

(Photo Source: Brillante Mendoza Instagram)