Brie Larson helping elderly neighbours through coronavirus crisis

Brie Larson

Brie Larson is using an app to ensure she's on hand to offer help to her elderly neighbours who are unable to leave their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Captain Marvel star, who has homes in Malibu and Los Angeles in California, is using the iPhone app Nextdoor to keep in touch with others in her local community and check in with those who need help.

"I've found that the Next Door app is a really amazing resource to check in with your local community and see if there are seniors in your area that need help - that need grocery or medication deliveries or pet food," she told Esquire magazine. "That's been the most heartwarming part about this. It's about being able to be of service."

As for herself, she plans to use her time self-isolating during California's lockdown to indulge her love of computer games, such as Nintendo's Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which came out on Friday.

Brie has teamed up as a partner with Nintendo on the release, after bosses at the firm noticed her tweeting about her obsession with the original 2002 Animal Crossing game.

"I've never lived without a Nintendo console," she explained. "Even in my earliest baby videos, there was a Nintendo there. My love for it runs deep... It was such a huge deal. Me and my sister and my mom created a rule that whoever finished their homework first got to play first, so we would blast through it."

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