Calling all brides-to-be, wedding Crocs have landed just in time for your big day

Bridal Crocs have landed just in time for your big day [Photo: Etsy]

With an aisle to walk down, guests to natter with and the all-important first dance, choosing a pair of chic wedding shoes that will get you through the day is one of the greatest sartorial dilemmas of our time.

But now, Crocs may have answered all of our wedding woes with the release of a bridal-themed pair.

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Sold on Etsy via Princess Pumps, the sparkly sequin-emblazoned shoes can be customised to match your wedding dress and are shipped within two weeks - perfect if you’re counting down the days.

Would you wear a pair of Crocs to walk down the aisle? [Photo: Etsy]

The best news? They come with a £75 price tag which is sure to be a lot more purse-friendly than the other shoes that you’ve saved to your wedding Pinterest board so far...

Surprisingly, the Crocs have proven a hit over in the Twitter sphere with brides across the globe seeking a pair.

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“I’m wearing those white wedding crocs to my wedding and nobody can stop me,” one social media user wrote.

While another, tweeted: “Sorry to my future husband but I will be wearing these Crocs at my wedding”.

Though it’s not the first time the divisive shoe brand has introduced the world to a niche line of footwear.

Last month, the fashion industry was introduced to ‘Goth Crocs’ just in time for summer with customisable silver spikes and stainless steal chains on offer.

Again, the Internet seemed to enjoy the new launch with a number of social media users already saving up for a pair.

But would you be willing to don a pair of chunky dad sandals on your big day?