Brick Xbox 360s are about to be the hottest toy of the 2023 holiday season

 Xbox 360 MEGA replica building kit 3:4 scale on a dark green to light green gradiant background.
Xbox 360 MEGA replica building kit 3:4 scale on a dark green to light green gradiant background.

What you need to know

  • Xbox and MEGA brand building blocks opened preorders for a MEGA 3:4 Scale Xbox 360 Collectors set that you can build yourself.

  • The set comes complete with a white Xbox 360 model, controller, and mini copy of Halo of 3 on a disc.

  • The set will be exclusive to Target and will go on sale October 8 for $150. Preorders have already closed due to selling out.

There's been plenty of speculation about whether a mid-generation console refresh for the Xbox could be on the horizon, but nobody saw today's console announcement coming. The Xbox 360 will be making a comeback this holiday season, but this time the console will be hitting store shelves as a build-your-own-nostalgia kit. Xbox has teamed up with MEGA brand to produce a mini replica of the original white Xbox 360, including a controller, and a physical miniature copy of Halo 3.

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The block building set is a 3:4 replica of the original Xbox 360 console, controller, and game disc and is fully buildable. There are even working lights in the console and controller, though there's been no confirmation whether the console can duplicate the historic tragedy of the Red Ring of Death that plagued so many systems.

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The Microsoft Xbox 360 Collector MEGA Building Set will have 1342 blocks and features a removable hard drive. The side panel of the Xbox 360 kit can also be removed to reveal an interactive interior packed with Easter eggs, including a disc drive. Placing the included mini Halo 3 disc in the drive tray activates the motherboard. The kit does not include interchangeable faceplates like the original Xbox 360 did. However, it is compatible with other similar sized brick brands, so nothing's stopping you from creating your own.

The Xbox 360 building kit will be exclusive to Target. Preorders were open for a short while, though they quickly sold out. You can still have a chance to get your hands on the kit when it hits Target's shelves on October 8, though you'll have to shell out $150 to do so.


2023 has been quite a year, but I didn't have "Bricked Xbox 360s for the Holidays" on my bingo card. It's clear from the video that these mega kits are filled to the brim with surprises. I've already spotted a tiny Cortana on the motherboard while watching the video. I can't help but want to know what other Easter eggs are tucked inside this thing.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Collector MEGA Building Set - 1342pcs | $150 at Target

Build your own nostalgia this holiday season with this 3:4 scale Xbox 360 replica. The kit is complete with an Xbox 360 controller, removable hard drive, and a mini physical disc and case copy of Halo 3. Placing the disc inside the console activates the motherboard and reveals the Easter eggs inside.View Deal