Brian May going vegan for January

Brian May

Queen star Brian May will kick off 2020 as a vegan to "lessen the suffering of animals".

The rocker and animal rights campaigner, who has been a vegetarian for years, took to Instagram to urge his followers to join him for the Veganuary challenge, which encourages animal lovers to try out a plant-based diet for January.

"Starting on the first of January 1 (sic), this coming year I will be doing VEGANUARY. Which means I will eat only vegan food for that month," he wrote. "After that, I will take a view on whether to continue or not... My reasons? 1) to lessen the suffering of animals. 2) To lessen the load on our groaning planet. 3) for my health.

"As an animal campaigner, it has been bothering me for a while that I still eat animal-derived food, that has caused indignity and pain to a non-human animal. So I will try to move along the line. I won't be pressuring anyone else to do the same, and it won't change my commitment to helping farmers solve the problem of bovine TB (tuberculosis). But... for me... it's time."

Besides the caption, May shared a video clip of him holding up a book titled How To Go Vegan, which he received for Christmas.

"I've already got the support of some friends who are going to join me and compare notes as we go along...," the We Will Rock You hitmaker explained. "I'm also being joined by a close family member, and my wonderful touring PA (personal assistant) Sharon Schwartz. If any of you folks out there are hovering on the edge out there and want to join me too, I'd be delighted. We can mutually support each other! I figured this book is a good place to start."

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