Brian Eno announces first joint album with brother Roger

The English musician revealed that he will release his first-ever duo album, "Mixing Colours," on March 20 via Deutsche Grammophon.

The full-length will include 18 songs penned by Eno and his brother Roger, most of which are titled after hues such as "Burnt Umber," "Obsidian" and "Verdigris."

"These pieces are very Impressionistic and very much to do with sonic quality, sonic colour," Brian said in a statement, with Roger adding that "Mixing Colours" stemmed from their shared artistic, musical and literary interests.

"The more you listen to this album, particularly with the fabulous worlds that Brian has created, you can really walk into its enormous landscape and stay," he added.

For their first collaborative album, Brian and Roger Eno drew inspiration from their years of experience as composers, performers and producers, with the duo composing the first cuts from "Mixing Colours" around 2005.

"We weren't directing this towards an end result -- it was like a back-and-forth conversation we were having over a 15-year period. I'd wake up, go straight upstairs, put my equipment on and improvise, then I sent things to Brian that I thought he might be interested in. The idea for a full album emerged as the number of pieces kept increasing and the results kept being interesting. It's something that neither of us could have arrived at alone," Roger recalled.

In addition to working on his new collaborative album, Brian Eno released a reissued version of his 1983 instrumental collection, "Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks," which he created alongside his brother Roger and longtime producing partner Daniel Lanois.

This extended edition, which marked the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, also features a set of completely new music titled "For All Mankind."

Ahead of the release of "Mixing Colours," Brian and Roger Eno unveiled the first single off their duo album, entitled "Celeste."