Brandon Routh: 'Bryan Singer wasn't always the kindest person to everyone'

Superman Returns star Brandon Routh has opened up about his experiences with the movie's director, Bryan Singer.

The 54-year-old hit headlines in early 2019 when he was accused of sexual abuse by four men in an investigative report published by The Atlantic magazine - allegations he has strenuously denied.

In addition, Hollywood stars including Rami Malek and Sophie Turner have since come forward to criticise Singer's "unpleasant" attitude on set, and in late 2017, he was fired as director of the 2018 Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, midway through production.

Now Routh, who starred in Singer's superhero movie Superman Returns back in 2006, has spoken about his own experiences working with the director.

During an interview with Michael Rosenbaum for his Inside of You podcast, Routh recalled: "Bryan is a film genius and was very passionate about the film and I think made a great movie. He wasn't always easy to work with."

Going on to state that he believes Singer's attitude stems from trauma in his life, he continued: "We're talking about mental health - everyone should be seeing a therapist, everyone has trauma in their life and when I say trauma it just means heavy emotional experiences, it doesn't mean you had a traumatic brain injury or you were in the war... I recommend a trauma therapist, I see one."

Routh, 40, concluded that while he "always put on his best face" when working with him, he "had things in his life which would come up and he wasn't always the kindest person to everyone".

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