Brandon Maxwell used to avoid watching his own runway shows

Brandon Maxwell

Brandon Maxwell used to avoid watching his own runway shows at all costs.

The fashion designer is one of the hottest names in the industry, having been awarded the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Award for womenswear last year.

But during a behind-the-scenes chat prior to his latest show, held at the American Museum of Natural History as part of New York Fashion Week on Saturday, Maxwell recalled how he used to suffer from anxiety during his early presentations.

"This is my ninth or tenth runway show and almost 20 collections, so I've been doing it long enough to know that it's a waste of time to get stressed out because it all comes together in the end. I used to get really, really nervous in the beginning and get sick, and the first couple of shows I never even watched them I wasn't even at them," he said. "I would hide in a room and lock the door and put my music and my headphones (on) to the same amount of time that was at the show. And as soon as the music stopped in my ear, I'd unlock the door, run out of the room, wave at the end of the runway and leave again."

Elsewhere in the clip, Maxwell explained that he was inspired by the idea of journeys for his fall/winter 2020 line. The collection was comprised of neutral separates, dresses made from a printed tortoise shell-look fabric, and denim.

"The theme of the whole show is journey. You're packing your bag, your boots. We are in nature, we're journeying, life's a journey, this industry is a journey. It's all about coats and bags and sweaters and warmth and happiness," the 35-year-old shared. "This season, I wanted to make a liquid fabric that looked like tortoise and matched the tortoise shoes that we have, that are these six-inch tall boots, and all the tortoise jewellery."

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