Brandon Maxwell pondering affordable clothing line

Brandon Maxwell and Lady Gaga

Brandon Maxwell is open to launching an affordable clothing line in the future.

The Texas-born designer has risen up the ranks of the industry in recent years, having served as Lady Gaga's style director since 2012 and founded his own women's ready-to-wear label in 2015.

At present, Maxwell's garments fall within the luxury price range, but in a recent question and answer session on his Instagram page, he explained that he has often pondered what it would take to start a more accessible collection.

"This is my number one asked question every time I do questions," he wrote. "Our collections now are handmade in New York City and the prices in the stores are reflective of how much they actually cost to be made. I love being able to oversee the product and the process. I would love to create more affordable pieces, but there are so many things to consider at a much lower price point, from the quality of the garments to employee working conditions that I would need to know much more about and be able to have some control over!"

Maxwell went on to explain that he is also interested in catering to plus-size women and would love to collaborate with designers at Nike on a sportswear line. As for how he finds inspiration for his clothes, the fashion star swears by spending quiet time by himself.

"The things I do when I am creatively blocked are, in this order: 1. Get in my car. 2. Blast country music. 3. Drive out into nature. 4. Sit in nature. 5. Wait for an idea to come," the 35-year-old commented.

Elsewhere, Maxwell shared that he loves to bring his dog Stella to the office as well, but has to be careful about where she sits within the studio.

"But I can't bring her whenever it gets close to the collection being finished because she LOVES to lay on expensive fabric and then she ruins it and I get yelled at," he joked.

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